Andrei Sergeev, Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

Andrei has more than 20 years of experience with CRM solutions and higher education. Andrei came to Education Systems Inc. in 1998 when USA Group Noel Levitz, now Ruffalo Noel Levitz, divested to Education Systems their EMAS enrollment management student recruitment software and intellectual property to refocus on their consulting.

As Chief Technology Officer, a.k.a. our friendly “Innovation Officer,” Andrei gets to put his passions for efficient and effective system design to work! Leading the development strategy, Andrei works with the EMAS IT and Production Team to define, refine and evolve our system architecture and technologies for next generation solutions for higher education. Our future is in the cloud with APIs to enable unobstructed, safe and secure data flow.

Andrei is thrilled to spend his days conceptualizing and building creative yet cost-effective ways to help our clients in higher education be more effective in their everyday activities so that they can stay on the competitive cutting edge with the students they are trying to recruit.

Andrei was a Special Student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Iowa, and holds a Ph.D. from Lomonosov Moscow State University and a M.Sc. with Honors from Shevchenko Kiev State University.

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