Face to Face and Voice to Voice

The single basic powerful influence that you have for helping your school and the helping of a student is the energy of the personal contact. Publications may help, but a commitment to education and the future will always depend on the influence you have through personal contact or the contact with other people who know and are enthusiastic about your school.

  1. Mind and pathway fixed
  2. Variable
  3. Not now

A viable pathway for all three categories: LEARNING.

Learning is the often basis of our meetings with individuals. This is especially true working with potential learners for your school or program.



  • Rep has learned a great deal
  • Learner and Family have learned a great deal
  • Relationship between the student, family, and the school established
  • Several strategies can be used to weaken restraints and make the driving forces more powerful
  • New driving forces can be developed


Driving ForcesRestraining Forces
D1  Has a friend here

D2  Good interaction during the visit

D3  The major she likes has very good faculty

R1  Does not like the residence halls

R2  Too small

R3  Major not well known at the school

  • Data
    • Personal
    • Restraints
    • Driving forces
  • Face to face voice to voice

During the session Rep would have:

  • DETERMINED driving and restraining forces
  • Established good relationship with the school
  • Identified that the relationship with the school may not be strong


In addition to standard data fill in:

  • Energy
  • Feeling
    • WARM
    • COLD

This chart can be used to describe feelings produced during the contact:


Follow up

  • Follow with regular flow
  • Send thank you note for visit
  • Arrange call from student in the major
  • Call next week to see if a visit possible
  • Could residence hall adviser see what could be done about this area

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