We have a very special relationship with our client institutions. We personally tend to each and every user and stakeholder to ensure that their experience is not only effective but enjoyable. We actually know our clients by name, and they know ours. We learn your strengths and challenges and anticipate your specific usage needs. Each EMAS institution is considered a valued part of the family (or ‘EMASland’ as they like to call it!)

Experience Community

EMAS clients share a strong and active professional network, and frequently share their innovations, processes, and best practices with the client community. This client interaction and engagement is supported through an active online discussion group, an active client user web portal, webinars and virtual roundtables, and the annual EMAS Pro Conference.

Ongoing Training & Education

You need to stay sharp to stay cutting edge. Our Client Education Opportunities help you keep your competitive advantage. We offer a 24/7 online Learning Center, Thought Leadership SEMinars, Annual Conferences, and Free Webinars.

Annual National Conference

Each year our higher education clients from across the U.S. join together to share the latest successes and learn new strategies. Senior enrollment managers and admissions/recruitment team members from community colleges as well as 4-year universities of all sizes gather for this three-day “must attend” event. Clients will enjoy focused learning, interactive exercises, insights, discussion, team building activities and networking with peers and EMAS Pro staff.

Innovation Award

Many of our clients are using EMAS Pro in unique and innovative ways to meet their goals and get beyond the barriers they face. Each year, we award one of them with the Charlie Pollock EMAS™ Pro Innovation Award – lovingly nicknamed “The Charlie.”

The National Advisory Council

Any counselor will tell you that the secret to a great relationship lies in the listening. That – and the fact that we care deeply about the success of our clients – is why we really listen to them and what they have to say. Our panel of 7 members from EMAS schools across the nation give us valuable input as we seek to improve ourselves and our solutions.

The National Advisory Council (NAC) serves as a representative voice of EMAS Pro users at large by “keeping it real” with us – relaying the depth of the user experience, and their front-line view of challenges in the changing higher-education landscape. This includes recommending enhancements and improvements to our solutions. This information provides us with an in-depth understanding of our client experience and indicators of their future needs. We use these insights as a basis to shape our company goals.

Each year, some of the seven members will complete their term and new members will be elected. This rotation of representation ensures that we have a constant influx of new and important ideas to keep us innovating for our clients’ success.

EMAS Pro National Advisory Council

An Unexpected Partnership

WSU had a problem. [hyperlink] And as some of our elders used to say, necessity is the mother of invention. So with that, a breakthrough solution was born as the brainchild of Brad Wickett and Chris Cordodor of Washington State University – a solution we now call EMAS Campaign Builder. When we saw its problem-solving potential at the 2015 EMAS National Conference, our clients voted WSU the Innovation Award winner – and then EMAS licensed the solution as our newest offering!

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