What we do is about more than just software – it’s about people. It’s about solving problems and building communities. Because EMAS is design-engineered to help you reach student recruitment goals while enrolling your ideal class. And it’s backed by a team that supports and understands enrollment on your campus.

Enjoy smart communications, mobile recruiting, predictive analytics and more, all in one system. And relax knowing that we’ll be there with you every step of the way.


Make sense of the noise! Discover the stories your data tells and get actionable insights with easy to read dynamic dashboards


On the road again! Empower all staff engaged in student recruitment to securely view, edit and add student records – anytime, anywhere

Powerful Communications

3-2-1 blast off! Rocket your recruitment program to the next level with targeted, customized communications to fit every imaginable niche audience

Custom Texts & Calls

Let’s face it, we all know they never put their phones down. Reach your students the way they prefer with real-time, 2-way, tracked text messaging and assigned timely phone calls

Easy Email Building

You can’t break it! Experience building elegant, responsive, perfect emails every time with no HTML skills required

Analytics and Reporting

See how it all stacks up! Make informed decisions with custom reporting capabilities and over 70 provided reports

Easy to Read Data Dashboards: Stats at a Glance

See the Light

In this current era of swirling student choices, don’t you want an illuminated path? Get the insights you need to be more strategic with simple, real-time dashboards of your enrollment pool. Instantly spot trends, changes, and patterns in your recruitment data, keeping you current with the actions and performance of your territories, geographic and demographic markets, and student actions.

Need to focus your resources where they count most? See where your potential students are coming from with filterable heat maps and feeder high school & college charts, then use those insights to manage recruitment territories and travel or to determine where to target marketing efforts.

Need to know the ROI on purchased names or a specific applicant pool? Just one click will show you progress and results for any segment of students you determine. Share the power of the dashboards with other departments, divisions and staff on your campus to further build a community of enrollment supporters with an unlimited number of users.

Mobile Recruitment

Staff-Facing Mobile Recruiting: Act on Student Records in Real Time on the Go

On the road again? Take EMAS with you

No more waiting until recruiters get back to the hotel, or, weeks later, back in the office. Students are immediately engaged while counselors are on the road – a tactic that gives you a competitive advantage as more and more colleges compete for the same candidates.

Work from your desktop or take EMAS on the road. Instantly add a new prospect or view and edit existing student records from anywhere, on any device with an internet connection. Anyone on campus who has contact with potential students is already recruiting, so why not take advantage of the zero limit on users and build a campus community of recruiters?

Our convenient mobile recruiting feature is a user-friendly extension of your normal workflows and processes. Experience active and efficient recruiting “at your fingertips,” no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Powerful Recruitment Software with Robust, Automatically Managed Communication Plans

Flex Those Recruiting Muscles

You need proven results. Take aim and hit your enrollment targets with everything you need in one place: rich data, real-time campaign results, reports and analytics, online student applications, custom communications plans, 2-way text messaging and tracking, and experts available to help you get your best results.

It’s no big secret that students want to be wooed. They need to see themselves as part of your campus community. You can achieve this with timely, targeted, multi-channel outreach. Get their attention with personalized emails that convey the look and feel of your institution, rapid text messages to drive them toward the next step, and postcards and letters that speak directly to them. Engage students in a conversation then keep the communication flowing.

Communication management is automated and auto-triggered based on real-time changes in student data. And we provide you the checks and balances to keep out of the “incorrectly emailed” headlines. You can trust EMAS to collect, store, view and process thousands of student data points in one common location, easily and securely integrated with your SIS and other data sources.

Accomplish more without the need to add more staff – as well as dramatically increase your numbers – by combining flexible, user-driven solutions with an affordable investment.

Communication Plan

Custom Text Messages and Assigned Phone Calls

Can you hear me now?

Different student types respond to different methods of communication better. Personalized two-way text messaging keeps you agile, ever-present and responsive with your prospective and current students. Connect with students, parents, and other influencers by phone with automated call assignments and call scripts. Plan, schedule, track, and report on all calls and text messages to know what’s working and what isn’t.

Easy Email Building with Built-in Brand Protection

So Easy-Peasy it’s a Breezy

Anyone can build beautifully branded and professional emails with our clicks-not-code HTML email building solution that does not require HTML skills. Break down the silos and build relationships across campus that contribute to your email marketing plan and feel safe knowing the users can’t break the bulletproof code! Easily (seriously, we mean eas-il-y) customize your emails, configure limitless layouts from a single master template, and manage content development by others with built-in permissions, workflows and notifications. Take the hassle out of the back-and-forth with your marketing department, graphics department, etc. and take the coding burden off your IT staff. Users have reported a reduction in email development time from 2 weeks to 2 hours! BOOM!

One of Limitless Layouts

Analytics and Reporting

Don’t Guess It, Assess It: How to Know What’s Working and What’s Not

Be confident in knowing your efforts are bringing home results with both custom and pre-written reports. (Oh, and by the way – those pre-written reports were developed by EMAS users, so their effectiveness is tried and true!) Easily develop reports over anything and everything in your recruitment database to create a 360° holistic view of your enrollment pool. Track and act on email delivery success, views, click-throughs, bounce backs, and opts-outs to improve your campaign performance week to week and year to year.

Online Applications

Easily build and manage interactive online inquiry forms and applications to help you gather as much information about each student as they are willing to share with you. The online portal gives students 24/7/365 access to view their materials and status, check the ‘to do’ list, and submit documents or media files.

Event Management

The hottest prospects are the ones who step foot on your campus. Engage students with online, self-registration for any and all of your events – on or off campus, 24/7/365. Every event attendance (or non-attendance) is tracked so that additional actions based on events is possible.

Territory Management

Plot and track your high school or college visits using the information offered in a multitude of reports and dashboards, designed specifically with recruiters in mind. Plan your travel and outreach communications based on criteria most important to you, and at the same time, actively manage relationships with your feeder high school and college counselors.

Top-notch Tech Support

Our clients consistently cite our Support Team as the best and most responsive they’ve ever had. Get the help you need from a friendly, real person who genuinely cares about you and your success.

No-fuss Integrations

Our seamless, automated API integrations empower connections between EMAS and many popular campus tools such as FrontRush, PowerFaids, VisitDays, and many more. With EMAS you get the ‘best of breed’ options. Keep doing what works for you, only without the silos – or start to imagine the limitless possibilities!

Consulting and Services

Sometimes you need some help trying to understand what the data is telling you and how to proceed. We also offer consultations on Strategic / Graduate Enrollment Management plans & strategies, best practices, user audits, gap analysis, and likelihood to enroll and persist. Your time is valuable, so we also offer custom work projects such as auto-assignments for territory or counselor, auto-admits, auto-scholarship eligibility and custom integrations with your SIS or other systems to keep your workflows running smoothly.

See How We Can Help You

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