The EMAS Advantage

It’s a tough time for enrollment managers right now. With all the challenges you face from all angles, your CRM needs to be scalable and you need to be at the top of your game. You don’t have to do it alone.

EMAS was built for people by design.

That’s why we believe that our software isn’t a complete solution without you. Think about it: if you have a tool that forces you into a box, then all of your professional judgment and innovation is shoved into a box. Instead, we give you a tool that is innately powerful, but that lets you make the most of your expertise and ingenuity.

By combining what you’re good at with our CRM expertise and best practices from the user community, we make awesome things happen for you and the students you recruit.

We take your professional reputation seriously and work to make sure you shine.

Because here at EMAS, we understand that Enrollment Management is a team sport.
Imagine what we will accomplish together.

EMAS Pro Staff

We’re Pleased to Meet You!

And we’d love to get to know you. Here’s a little bit about us:

We Know Higher Ed. Our company was founded in 1996 as a not-for-profit spin-out from ACT (American College Testing) in Iowa City. Additionally, many members of our staff have several years of experience in positions on college & university campuses. We are proud of our higher education heritage.

We Believe People Come First. Our core values include: Integrity, Openness, and Accountability.

We never forget that our work is not about technology; it is about people. We focus our technology to help you achieve your goals.

When you become a part of the EMAS family, we personally and genuinely care about you and your success. We know our clients by name, and they know ours.

We Stand Behind our Solutions. Rest assured that your investment is protected. If you are not satisfied with your EMAS solution within the first 6 months, you are entitled to cancel your agreement with us and receive a refund.

Meet Our Leaders

Here at EMAS Pro, we operate as a cohesive and unified team, and our senior leadership staff collectively brings many decades of successful higher education enrollment management experience.

Andrew Nassir

President & CEO

In 1969, Andy launched higher ed technology organizations which today have become Education Systems EMAS Pro. His goal remains to provide well designed, highly effective, student-focused software solutions. In addition to helping institutions “dive head first” into next-generation student success solutions for higher education, Andy enjoys family, reading, workouts, golf, and travel.

Andrei Sergeev

Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, a.k.a. our friendly “Innovation Officer,” Andrei gets to put his passions for efficient and effective system design to work! Leading the development strategy, Andrei works with the EMAS IT and Production Team to define, refine and evolve our system architecture and technologies for next generation solutions for higher education. Our future is in the cloud with APIs to enable unobstructed, safe and secure data flow.

Anna Gosselin

Vice President, Client Services

Anna manages the Support, Implementation, and Client Education Teams, while at the same time staying actively engaged with clients. Anna is currently responsible for client relations and product evangelism and provides leadership all areas involving client experience, client feedback, and custom solutions.

See How We Can Help You

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